Sci-Tea Goes to Camp: A different kind of healing at a SeriousFun Network camp

December 17, 2021 Ryan Linn Brown & Dr. Nanci Weinberger Season 1 Episode 4
Sci-Tea Goes to Camp: A different kind of healing at a SeriousFun Network camp
Show Notes

Welcome to the fourth episode of Sci-Tea! 

Join us (Ryan & Nanci) for a conversation with Dr. Ann Gillard and Sterling Leija on Friday, December 17th for a discussion on summer camps and their lasting outcomes. We first talked about a paper that Ann Gillard published titled: “Similarities and differences in summer camps: A mixed methods study of lasting outcomes and program elements.” (link below!) She explains how the authors got together and were able to execute this project. We then discuss children's experiences at camp, and how camp can lead to a better sense of belonging as well as developmental changes. Dr. Gillard and Sterling both share with us the different aspects of camp that make it so important for children, and Sterling gives specific examples from her job at Roundup River Ranch Camp. To finish off the episode, Dr. Gillard and Sterling tell us about studies that could help them in the future. 

✨ Dr. Ann Gillard is the Director of Research and Evaluation at SeriousFun Children’s Network and Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. She is interested in studying programs and their effects on people. She is also interested in how programs can influence individuals socially and developmentally. Much of her research focuses on youth along with their experiences at camp. Dr. Gillard is also passionate about promoting social justice and including all people in beneficial programs. 

✨ Sterling Leija is the Executive Camp Director at Roundup River Ranch in Gypsum Colorado. Roundup River Ranch is part of the SeriousFun Children’s Network of camps for seriously ill children. Sterling Leija has a degree in psychology and has been a camp professional for over 15 years

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✨ Check out Dr. Ann Gillard’s research paper:
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✨ Learn more about Roundup River Ranch:

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